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Nursing home abuse or assault is one of the most disgraceful aspects of the care rendered to our elderly in the United States in many facilities. Serious and potentially life threatening injury could be caused by an intentional assault, physical punishment, confinement, intimidation or depriving the resident of essential food, water or medicine.

One of the fundamental principals of civilized nations across the world is that every individual has the right to be free from abuse and assault.  However, thousands of nursing home residents are abused every year. Consult with Injury Attorneys specializing in nursing home abuse.

Some warning signs may include:

  • Unusual bruises or cuts
  • Broken bones
  • Unexplained hair loss
  • Changes in behavior of nursing home staff towards family members or the resident
  • Unexplained changes in the behavior of the resident to certain staff members
Who Can Sue

If you suspect that a friend or loved one has suffered an injury from nursing home abuse or assault, nursing home abuse lawsuits are pursued to obtain compensation for the injuries suffered and operate as an important safeguard in our society to protect the rights of residents and make sure that proper standards are followed by the industry.

Interesting Facts

The nursing home abuse or assault is usually facilitated by negligent actions of the nursing home, including:

  • Failure to perform adequate employee background checks on employees or follow up on information obtained during the interview process
  • Failure to monitor, supervise and train employees
  • Failure to provide sufficient staff and equipment to reduce the frustrations caused by overworked employees placed in an impossible situation

The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) sponsored a World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, 2008 to increase recognition of this global problem and raise awareness of the factors that can lead to or limit abuse of seniors. The rapid aging of the population in the United States raises concerns about the stress which will continue to be placed on nursing homes and elder care systems, which could increase the risk of abuse or negligent care.

The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse was founded in 1997 with the goal of recognizing and responding to mistreatment of older people so that their later years of life will be free from abuse, neglect and exploitation The stated objectives on their website are:

To Increase Public Awareness and Knowledge of the Issue

  • To Promote Education and Training of Professionals and Paraprofessionals in Identification, Treatment and Prevention
  • To Further Advocacy on Behalf of Abused and Neglected Elders
  • To Stimulate Research into the Causes, Consequences, Prevalence, Treatment and Prevention of Elder Abuse and Neglect
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